The Universal Peace Center

Universal Peace Center is a laboratory where all kinds of talents can be developed and give a peaceful life to themself and help society for self depended on the global family university. The ashram is not a temple and not for the tourist place,   Read More


The mission of the Universal Peace Centre Trust is To Create Self Dependent and Sustainable Global Family Home University.


The Vision of Universal Peace Center is related to the different activities which are related to the past and present development of the needy people.


The motto of the trust is to help more people and do more good deeds for sake of needy, the plans are listed below

Our Programs

Sun Meditation

Sun is the closest form to the cosmic energy that can be seen with the naked eye. Sun Meditation is a process through which we can receive that energy and expand our awareness level, purify our mind and body.


Agnihotra is a fire ceremony done every day exactly at the time of sunrise and sunset using a small copper pyramid. The fire is burned using dried cow dung cakes, ghee, and an offering of a pinch of rice, along with a special mantra.

Photograph Meditation

To practice photograph meditation, first, you need a photograph of your face with open eyes, not smaller than 12 cm x 10 cm. The photograph should be placed in front of you at the same height as your eyes, approximately 3 to 6 feet away,

Success Stories

Sebastien David

Advanced Course France, 30th August 2019

“This was a very important 7 days of my life. We all struggle with emotions in our lives and this is a great opportunity for us to come to terms with them.

Davorin from Slovenia

Advanced Course Austria, 3rd August 2019

“These 7 days were wonderful and I realized we are all a big family. I managed to reduce a lot of egos, negative judgments, and social conditioning.

Helene Sicilia

Advanced Course France, 30th August 2019

“It has been a wonderful and very good experience. I feel I can share so much without holding anything back. 

Universal Peace Center-Media

Saint to SunYogi: The Rise of Saint Uma Sankar

Umasankar Sunyogi is a fully enlightened yogi, an authentic yogi of the ancient Vedic school. With a diploma in electro-engineering, Sunyogi connected the scientific approach with the traditional inner science approach and dedicated his life to the study of our physical world and nature through his own experience. Today Sunyogi travels the world to teach Sunyoga and spread its message of universal peace.

What is Acupressure ?

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Universal Peace Centre is offering yoga and meditation classes for anyone who would like to join us. Our trainee, Umashankar Sunyogi is the discoverer of Ancient SunYoga. It will help you to heal your mental and physical illness. All aim to soothe and restore. Do mail in our provided Email address if you want to join our classes.

Universal Peace Center

Universal Peace Center


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