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Umasankar Sunyogi is a fully enlightened yogi, an authentic yogi of the ancient Vedic school. With a diploma in electro-engineering, Sunyogi connected the scientific approach with the traditional inner science approach and dedicated his life to the study of our physical world and nature through his own experience. Today Sunyogi travels the world to teach Sunyoga and spread its message of universal peace. Sunyogi is also a recognized skilled acupressure therapist, an ancient art that he has taught across the world over the years.

Sunyogi was born on June 22, 1967, in the small village of Lachhipur in West Bengal outside Kolkata in India, an area known as the birth-place of many prominent prophets and yogis. Despite growing up in a Hindu family, he never bothered which creed, color or social class we humans have, believing that what truly matters is wanting to reach an agreement through the feeling of universal brotherhood and unity. Early in his youth, he developed deep philosophical questions like “What is the purpose of life?” His hunger to get answers to these questions drove his spiritual zeal to understand more of the world we live in. Later, after becoming a successful electrical engineer and businessman, he was initiated by his mother in Kryia Yoga and went to Pondicherry ashram to focus 100% on finding the answers to his philosophical questions.

Discovery of SunYoga

Sunyogi began his education at the Aurobindo ashram in 1995. His realization started early one morning as he sat on the beach and watched the sun rays reflected in the seawater. Strong energy led him to close his eyes, thinking he had lost his sight. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to notice that the vision had instead become much sharper, so sharp that he could even see the water molecules. He soon realized the benefits of looking into the sun’s rays and soon dared to look directly at the sun, even if it went against what he had learned from science. Initially, he was watching the sun as it was rising, then day by day he began to concentrate on it as it rose higher into the sky. He continued his meditation and after a couple of months the sun started to appear as a “clear hazy ring with soft blue sky outside”. The harsh brightness disappeared and he felt it become increasingly soothing. As time went on, he started to see “seven bright colors radiating from the sun, slowly reaching closer to the ground”. Three months after starting his concentration on the sun, Uma Sankar Sunyogi felt these rays – the sun’s cosmic energy – touch his body, creating within him an

indescribable feeling of peace and calm. As an experiment, Uma Sankar Sunyogi stopped eating breakfast and continued concentrating on the sun. Six months later, he stopped eating his dinner, and then six months after that, he stopped eating all food. From the 17th August until the 7th December 1996, Uma Sankar Sunyogi stopped eating and sleeping entirely for four months, while also working 18 hours per day without the need for any sleep. His body weight remained the same and he continued his daily routine working in the ashram in a perfect state of health.

Sunyogi walks all over India

In 1997, he left the ashram in Pondicherry to continue his search for the root of human suffering. He went barefoot, with no possessions but a simple outfit to visit the entire country of India and to spread the message of universal peace and brotherhood. Visiting all Indian states took him six years and three months. The entire hike can be seen on this map. He suffered many difficult situations and his self-confidence and faith in God went through severe challenges. During his trip, he met many people who became interested in his technique to meditate with the sun, and from there he began spreading the knowledge of Sunyoga. He thus established an annual peace conference to gather all interested in Sunyoga in one place. The conference has been held yearly ever since, a force for peace and unity that aims to connect Science, Technology, Spirituality, and Religion to pursue peace. An ashram was also built in Sunyogi’s native country in Lachhipur: in this place, Sunyoga practitioners can come and immerse themselves in the practice of Sunyoga, as well as carry out social work and organic cultivation.

Sunyogi meets Mahavatar Babaji

With time, Sunyogi noticed that many people and the media focused too much on the fact that he did not need to eat or drink. He felt that the practice interfered with the message he wanted to convey, while all the good spiritual effects and health effects people experienced did not get the attention they deserved. For this reason, in 2007 he resumed eating. Surprised, he noticed that his energy now increased even more, which led him to realize that he had abused a Siddhi (a yogic superpower) for 12 years, which had limited his development.

At this time, he felt that he needed to go into a deeper meditation and went to Tapovan for a two-year retreat (Gnatavasan), spending much of this time in an isolated ashram at an altitude of 4700m near the source of the Ganges, high in the Himalayas., where he stayed over the winter of 2007 with temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius. In December 

2007, Mahavatar Babaji (the immortal prophet known from the book (Autobiography of a Yogi) came to meet Sunyogi in his physical form while Sunyogi was performing a walking meditation. From Babaji, Sunyogi learned about the five elements and how the Earth and life on Earth had been created from them. The following winter, Mahavatar Babaji again returned to Sunyogi. This time, he showed him how the Universe was created and Sunyogi experienced an expansion through all chakras (29 energy centers) that enable us to connect the micro- and macro cosmos. Sunyogi was taken to the center of the universe and got to experience the universe, the black hole, its three poles, and the basic physical laws of the cosmos.

From Babaji, Sunyogi received his full enlightenment and the full knowledge of Sunyoga. Sunyoga in its purest form comes directly from Babaji and this is what Sunyogi conveys during Sunyoga courses. The ancient Vedic scriptures make a small mention of Sunyoga, while the thorough knowledge of how it can be practiced has been forgotten and remained unknown to the common man for a long time. Thanks to Mahavatar Babaji and through Sunyogi, this knowledge has become available to a wider group of practitioners again. Sunyoga is not the most important element in Sunyogi´s teaching, it is just part of the path to achieving inner peace, the very first step to bringing peace to the whole universe, which is the ultimate goal for all of us. The purpose of one’s spiritual journey, which explains Uma Sankar Sunyogi, is Peace, achieved through the union of individual and universal consciousness.  Babaji’s

highlight gave Sunyogi the solution to create a better future for humanity, and all beings in the Universe. Sunyogi has traveled far and wide across the world to help thousands of people to increase their awareness, help them achieve self-realization, and set them on a mission to bring peace to the Universe. His future goal is to create a self-sustainable and independent community, an optimal environment for growth on all levels. These are the seeds he has sown for our future balanced and peaceful universe.

Read more from “Autobiography of Sunyogi” (Amazon): “In Autobiography of Sunyogi, the leading guru on Sunyoga guides readers through his extraordinary life-journey, recollecting the people and events that have shaped his path in the material and spiritual world. A book full of spiritual developments and insights into the ills and cures of our ego-driven society, filled with Sunyogi’s 

reflections on yoga and mindfulness developed throughout his life will focus on the technique of Sunyoga and his unique concept of Bringing universal peace to the world. Reading this book will fully immerse you into his experiences: one moment you will be side-by-side with Sunyogi on a six-year walk across India, the next you will be with Him During his stay on the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, and a moment later you will see Him face brutal and harsh police treatment in an underground prison in Iran. Ever the yogi, ever the peaceful saint.

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